Freedom of Style

Hello Dearies~

I’ve decided to materialize and show myself again. *Woosh, Poof*

434579236_b5caba14c6_oThis image is from Flickr user Barefoot Snowangel.

First off, tennis season for girls is finally over!  This means more sleep time!  Anyways, back to the subject at hand.  If you did not know already, White Rabbit & Co. Publishing is focusing our efforts to create essays of various modes that will eventually “tumble” into a snowball of works in the form of a novel.  The modes we will be tinkering with are: narratives, descriptions, expository, persuasion, comparison/contrast, and cause-effect [this list is likely to change].  So far, we have all finalized our narrative essay and are now finishing up our descriptive essays.

Our journey so far has run over some potholes, but fear not, we have and are continuing to conquer them.  First off, our group spans two different class periods.  So initial communication and transfer of ideas was difficult.  But through ongoing enthusiasm, trial and error, and the wonders of modern technology, the roadblock is no more. Continue reading


A Designer’s Life

As you know, I’m the designer of Come Down the Rabbit Hole and designers create. Recently, I started to dabble a bit in computer graphics, ya know, Photoshop and all that jazz. Well…  it’s hard. Currently, I’m working on our group picture and I’m trying a new painting style. After countless of YouTube tutorials and hours spent trying to learn how to draw directly on a tablet (did I mention this is my first time actually drawing on a tablet? I’m used to drawing on paper), I’m happy to see that it looked decent. I decided to go digital instead of the traditional way because I wanted to try something new. I’m really looking to improve over the next few months because I just found out another way of drawing. I can’t reveal it now, but I think it’s gonna awesome-r than the current picture.


Bear with me guys, it’s my first attempt.

group final


P.S. Here are the videos I used:




Spanish and Snapshots

March Hare here.  As a Spanish student, it was inevitable that I would encounter again the dreaded principle of preterite versus imperfect.  Of course it wouldn’t go away, but I had hoped that it might stay out of Spanish for a couple more chapters before making its debut this year.  Of course, things don’t happen the way they play out in my head. Continue reading

The One with Words

What’s a journey down the rabbit hole without words of wonder to accompany it?

Photo ©2014 Flickr user torbakhopper HE DEAD CC-BY-2.0

Words possess in them a very special power, one of meaning, one of feeling.  As editor of our little enterprise, words are my primary responsibility.  And when you and your friends are trying to compose a book, words matter quite a lot.

We read a piece in English that made the argument that we are all composed of language.  That’s all we really are.  Bits and pieces of words and more words.  It’s amazing to think really that we all share a tool that allows us to express ourselves to others.  Words give us purpose as a speaker and as a listener.  And I’m so happy to be able to share my words with you.

Yours truly,

The Mad Hatter

Life of the (Tea) Party

You might ask: “When is it tea time?”

Well, when is it not?!

I’m March Hare, life of the party, temporary ward of the teapot (when the Mad Hatter is out), and social media representative of our project.  I feel like I’m best suited for this role because when I’m not making tea, I go around Wonderland inviting guests to the tea party.  After all, the Mad Hatter needs to make hats and the Dormouse needs sleep, so who else would be available to look for guests?  You can’t have a tea party without guests, and like I always say, it’s always tea time.

Isn’t the decor lovely?  The Hatter picked it out! Credits to Justin Brown on Flickr.

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Nothing but a Pack of Cards

Screen shot 2014-10-05 at 6.29.57 PM

Rights to @peculiar235 on Flickr

Hello, all.

As you might’ve read in previous posts, our WordPress is “Alice in Wonderland”-themed. I opted for the more sinister role of the Queen of Hearts.

Hopefully, we don’t have too many similarities, but I do believe that I have some characteristics in common with her. I can be pretty quick-tempered at times, which is an understatement for the Queen, but in most cases, I do because I care.

I guess you could say that I love hard? Maybe.

But enough about that; I’ve more important things to address.

Our project is create a book – a collection of essays. Each of us has a specific job, and mine is the head of organization, because let’s be honest, everyone else is chaotic – a little too chaotic.

But I am too. My role is kind of ironic, because my life is pretty messy and I can be somewhat moody. But I’m working on that.

I guess I’m supposed to kind of bare my soul now? Tell you about myself? So here goes… Continue reading