Smells Like TEAM Spirit

© Pelle Sten on Flickr
© Pelle Sten on Flickr


This is Duchess. Don’t worry, even though we share the same name, I’m nothing like the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland.

So, a little bit about myself.

I like to dabble a bit in the arts so I’ll be the senior manager of all things artsy here. Digital art, traditional sketches, interior design, writing, I love them all. Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, and DeviantArt are where I make my hideout.

Kelogsloops on Tumblr:

All kinds of drawings interest me but I love most cartoony styles. Especially with digital art. Though most of the time, you’ll find me not on a computer drawing but with just a sketchbook and pencil.

My favorite favorite favorite genres are sci-fi, mystery, basically anything dark and scary, with a little touch of magic in there.

Well, that’s basically it. I’ll show more of me through blog posts like these and of course, the art, too.

– Duchess


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