Life of the (Tea) Party

You might ask: “When is it tea time?”

Well, when is it not?!

I’m March Hare, life of the party, temporary ward of the teapot (when the Mad Hatter is out), and social media representative of our project.  I feel like I’m best suited for this role because when I’m not making tea, I go around Wonderland inviting guests to the tea party.  After all, the Mad Hatter needs to make hats and the Dormouse needs sleep, so who else would be available to look for guests?  You can’t have a tea party without guests, and like I always say, it’s always tea time.

Isn’t the decor lovely?  The Hatter picked it out! Credits to Justin Brown on Flickr.

So the protocol dictates that I should tell you a bit about myself.  Due to my excessive Web surfing and love of chatting in general, my friends have dubbed me the social media go-to girl.  I probably spend the most time out of all the members of our group on Facebook, Twitter and such sites, so it made sense to assign me this role.  When I’m not on the Internet though, you can find me doing a number of things.

I LOVE to drink tea, much like the Chesire Cat, and I hope to work at a tea shop one day, no joke.  Until then, I  sip mugs filled to the brim with Lipton Black Tea or green tea.  My favorite tea though, is Earl Grey, which I never get around to buying.  I guess it just slips my mind. While I sip tea on wonderful Sunday afternoons, I often read the newspaper.  If it’s not a Sunday afternoon, then I generally read whatever I can grab the fastest, be it book or cereal box.

When I’m not out looking for new flavors of tea to try, I’m usually on Youtube, listening to all kinds of music.  I’m really digging “Bloom” by Pogo right now.  Generally, I tend to appreciate classical music much more than any other type; Tchaikovsky is currently trending in my books.  I’m open to listening to other types of music people recommend for me as well, so why not join our tea party for a while and give me some ideas?  Don’t be shy, sit down and have some tea.

-March Hare


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