Nothing but a Pack of Cards

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Rights to @peculiar235 on Flickr

Hello, all.

As you might’ve read in previous posts, our WordPress is “Alice in Wonderland”-themed. I opted for the more sinister role of the Queen of Hearts.

Hopefully, we don’t have too many similarities, but I do believe that I have some characteristics in common with her. I can be pretty quick-tempered at times, which is an understatement for the Queen, but in most cases, I do because I care.

I guess you could say that I love hard? Maybe.

But enough about that; I’ve more important things to address.

Our project is create a book – a collection of essays. Each of us has a specific job, and mine is the head of organization, because let’s be honest, everyone else is chaotic – a little too chaotic.

But I am too. My role is kind of ironic, because my life is pretty messy and I can be somewhat moody. But I’m working on that.

I guess I’m supposed to kind of bare my soul now? Tell you about myself? So here goes…

1. I’m incredibly hypocritical when it comes sticking to plans.

2. Being late gives me anxiety.

3. I could quite possibly be the worst artist in the world, but I love taking photographs.

IMG_4037 IMG_5465

Credits to me 🙂

4. Much like Cheshire Cat, I watch a lot of TV shows, including Castle, How To Get Away With Murder (and may I just take a second to give a shout out their publicist? Mad props to you), and pretty much any ABC Family that’s ever aired.

5. I’m inspired by people, the way they manage to go through hell and still come out with their heads high. There’s nothing quite like it.

6. I read everything.

7. I’m very much a humanitarian, but these days, it’s hard for me to keep my faith in humanity. It’s definitely a struggle.

So I guess that’s a few facts about me. You’ll learn more along the way.


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