The Cheshire Cat

cheshire-cat1 The original picture is from the Triplet Sisters, I only added the text.  So all rights and stuff goes to them.

Hey guys. Last year I blogged about rather random thoughts.  This year, I am collaborating with the Mad Hatter, Duchess, Queen of Hearts, and the March Hare to create a novel-type project.  Although our project is not going to be Alice in Wonderland centered, our social media is.  We are all extremely excited to track our progress via this blog.  Who knows, someday we might publish it somewhere! 😉

When we were picking characters, I asked my friends which persona best represents me.  Without hesitation, they stated, “Cheshire Cat.”

“WE are all mad here.”

Everyone has their own pieces of madness scattered about the constellations of their personalities.  Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole with us into a world of madness, excitement, and know, you will never be able to predict what’s next.

Since we have a destination and path in mind, let us turn back to the project.  Even though my friends and I agreed to split most of the work and we are all proficient in the aspects of the project, my role in the project is the main tech-y person.  I chose this position because I love toying with technology-related things like editing videos, garageband cuts, messing with cameras, creating new worlds of “stuff” with the capabilities of special effects, etc.

As of now, I will most likely post every other Monday.

Anyways, some basic information about me:

  • I am definitely “nerdy and quirky.”
  • I am a sucker for fandoms, YouTubers, and accents.
  • I love reading to the end of the world and back– especially science-fiction and mystery novels.
  • I am a WhoLocked Orphan.  (I wish I could add Supernatural to that list, but I have only watched one episode.)
  • Potterhead, nuff said.  And let’s see here, when I asked my friends what Alice in Wonderland character I am, all my friends immediately replied “Cheshire Cat.”  So if you still can’t guess my house….. SLYTHERIN.sly

Photo credits go to my friend, Neko-Chan

  • I love watching animes and reading manga.
  • Sleep…. Should be higher on my priorities, but there are just too many things to love in life and too little time.
  • Skinny tastes great?  How about Helios’ Cattle no.  Food is amazing.  Food is love.  Food is life (literally).  My lovelies are boba, popcorn chicken, Cheez-its, Goldfish, Green Tea, and practically all other foods.
  • My friends are the best geeky, adorable nerds anyone can ask for.
  • I have two cats.

Welp, I can’t write up my entire existence in the confinement of one post.  So stick around and maybe my personality will bleed through in future posts. 😀

-Cheshire Cat.


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