The One with Words

What’s a journey down the rabbit hole without words of wonder to accompany it?

Photo ©2014 Flickr user torbakhopper HE DEAD CC-BY-2.0

Words possess in them a very special power, one of meaning, one of feeling.  As editor of our little enterprise, words are my primary responsibility.  And when you and your friends are trying to compose a book, words matter quite a lot.

We read a piece in English that made the argument that we are all composed of language.  That’s all we really are.  Bits and pieces of words and more words.  It’s amazing to think really that we all share a tool that allows us to express ourselves to others.  Words give us purpose as a speaker and as a listener.  And I’m so happy to be able to share my words with you.

Yours truly,

The Mad Hatter


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