Freedom of Style

Hello Dearies~

I’ve decided to materialize and show myself again. *Woosh, Poof*

434579236_b5caba14c6_oThis image is from Flickr user Barefoot Snowangel.

First off, tennis season for girls is finally over!  This means more sleep time!  Anyways, back to the subject at hand.  If you did not know already, White Rabbit & Co. Publishing is focusing our efforts to create essays of various modes that will eventually “tumble” into a snowball of works in the form of a novel.  The modes we will be tinkering with are: narratives, descriptions, expository, persuasion, comparison/contrast, and cause-effect [this list is likely to change].  So far, we have all finalized our narrative essay and are now finishing up our descriptive essays.

Our journey so far has run over some potholes, but fear not, we have and are continuing to conquer them.  First off, our group spans two different class periods.  So initial communication and transfer of ideas was difficult.  But through ongoing enthusiasm, trial and error, and the wonders of modern technology, the roadblock is no more.

I have also run into problems with my writing.  One of the biggest problems I had was deciding what kind of writing style to adapt.  As a class assignment, this series of essays is a deviation from the standard.  Instead of being expected to write a structured work, we get the liberty to choose.  Thus, I have been able to embed some function in the length and structure of my sentences, while not as obligated to obey the rules of complete sentences.  With this freedom in mind, I set out to write in first person, structuring the essay in the forms of my thoughts.  Sometimes continuous.  Sometimes– squirrel!  This style seemed to suit me as a person because it gave a personal touch to my writing and is a better reflection of me as a person.

All rights of this picture go to Disney, all I did was take a screenshot and edit!

Eventually, we may decide to share out our writing and hopefully give you a deeper insight into our personalities.  But for now, hang on, hang around.  Wander about, wander around.  We’ll be updating and possibly sharing out snipits soon~

Until we meet again,

Cheshire Cat.


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