What We Do Here Is Very Important

On Sunday, my family and I went to a Diwali/education charity event. It’s a celebration, but also helps a cause that has plagued many countries for a long time. This event helps India in particular, I think.

In India, there is no such thing as free public education. All schooling must be paid for. The entire country basically runs on private schools, and families must pay for their child’s right to be able to communicate and be a functioning member of society, a right that many people, including myself, take highly for granted, or worse, hate altogether.

I, myself, am so guilty of this. School starts at 8:00am, and at about like 8:15 in first period, I’m like, “Okay, that’s enough learning for today. Time to go home.” And yeah, I get that it’s not the best set-up, you know? I get that, I understand; I’m in high school, too. And sometimes, it sucks.

But even if school is basically all about passing tests and getting to college and beating other people out of the way, at least we’re learning something. And we do have the power to make a difference in the school system. We can choose to take different classes, or join a sport, or a club, or maybe even get a job – something that makes the system not more bearable, but more.. something that I don’t know the word for.

And we’re learning something. I don’t know about you, but I like learning. Sometimes teachers believe in learning more than educating, and that makes it fun.

Having school the way that we do, is so important, and it’s important that we realize that, as well. It’s important that we spread these ideals of education not being a privilege, but a right.

One of the guys who was giving a speech said something that I really liked:

“Saving a child, is saving a village.

And saving a village, is saving a country.

And saving a country is saving the world.”

And as we very well know, the world could use some saving.

And thinking about the difference mindsets in India, and the US, it really got me thinking. And I realized that what we do here, for minors in the United States, to help them grow into promising and progressive world citizens and world leaders, is very important.

So I’ll leave you with that to think about. And with this song to listen to:


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