Just A Taste

Oh, hey! Didn’t see you there!

So, for this post, we’ve decided to give you a little trailer with what’s going on in our essays. Well, not essays. Just one: mine.

Here’s a tiny excerpt from my narrative essay:

“The experience itself was actually really incredible, and looking back at it now, I find myself questioning whether or not it really happened, or if I was just making it up. But the way I felt is my favorite memory because I’ve always wanted to feel like something bigger. I’ve always wanted to feel timeless, infinite.” 

That was just a piece of it, and I hope you’ll want to read more. And if you’re interested, I’m going to kind of summarize below.

So, over the summer, I went on a student trip to Italy, and a few other countries. In Italy, we stayed with a few local families, and then later met up at one house as a small farewell party before we continued on our way to Rome. Basically, I just had a blast, and something really amazing happened.

Well, a few amazing things happened. And actually, they were way more than amazing, but you’ll just have to wait to find out what they were.

With love,

Queen of Hearts


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