Come Down The Rabbit Hole~


March hare isn’t the only one with a serious drought of inspiration… I’ve also hit the wall titled “le bloque de writers,” aka writers block.


Picture from flickr user ArtMind.

Initially, I began writing this thinking that I was going to talk about a few of my favorite musical pieces, but I think I’ll hold off on that until another day.  For now, I’ll tell you guys about how we came up with the name “Come Down the Rabbit Hole.”  First off, if you can’t tell right now, we’re all quite the eclectic bunch, so we wanted to theme our wordpress something that represent all of us.  So we debated about it for a long while. 

Then somewhere in the discussion came the idea of signing off our posts with pen names, leading to us trying to come up with blogging themes that would accommodate this idea.  And somehow during the discussion, my mind switched to “Wonderland” by Tessa Violet (Meekakitty), Shawna Howson (Nanalew), Alex Carpenter, and Jason Munday and one line insisted on repeating in my mind, “Come down the rabbit hole with me.”  Side track: they are amazing vloggers and content creaters, yowza their videos are amazing…  Ok back to the blog: although the usage of the line in the music video and the intentions of our project group are different, the similar concept still applies.  We’re going on a journey into the unknowns!  And quickly, we loved the idea of having it be Alice in Wonderland themed, so here you are and here we are.  I hope you will join us on our journey through the wonderland of the project and of our junior year!


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