AMC’s (Not Really) First Look

Alright, this isn’t really an AMC First Look, but it is a first look on my definition essay. We basically have an entire essay to define something, and we’ve decided to dedicate each of our essays to something ambiguous and intangible.

I, for example, chose love. And here is my zero draft:

“Love is breathing, thinking, crying.

Love is opening up your heart and mind to people and animals and food and cultures.

Love is achieving, and dreaming, and learning.

Love is watching the sunrise and sunset on your roof or at the park with a huge mug of hot chocolate.

Love is going to the beach at 3am with your friends and having a bonfire.

Love is skydiving or para-sailing even when you’re afraid of heights.

Love is staying home from work or school one day to watch a Disney movie marathon.

Love is calling the radio 50 times to win the Disneyland tickets for their birthday.

Love is not winning the tickets and buying them anyway.

Love is giving, and loving, and appreciating.

Loving is going to the library everyday with your kids.

Love is walking your dog and saying hello to all of your neighbors.

Love is waking up at 2 in the morning to wish them a happy birthday at the exact time they were born.

Love is falling in love every time you see them smile.

Love is cooking your parents a big breakfast in bed on their anniversary.”

And that’s all I have for right now. But hopefully, in a while, I’ll have something better. Check back soon on AMC’s First Look.


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