Chilling Echos

Hey guys,

So this week White Rabbit & Co. Publishing is doing a music-themed blog post.  The idea is that we post a video (or videos) on music that currently interest us or that we love.  Since the last year, I’ve been rather obsessed with a television series– Orphan Black. *Warning: Some episodes are rated M, or TV-14, so watch at your own discretion. *

As I have an eclectic taste in music, the darker soundtrack of Orphan Black is incredibly unique and amazing.  I do admit, I didn’t quite like the soundtrack at first because it has a dark and chilling effect, but another listen, I began appreciating it’s uniqueness (and I’m all about unique… after all I named my main blog after the concept of being unique).

Here are the masterpieces of Trevor Yuile:

And here a few tracks from season 1:

Cheshireee Cat

*A/N:  If you play one track of the tracks from above, the Queen of Heart’s song, and March Hare’s at the same time, it sounds really awesome.


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