Stone Soup

I’ve bounced around from music genre to music genre, but at the moment, nothing gets me more than this. . . I don’t know what to even call it.  I guess I’ll just call it a music video?  Not as in song + video though, it’s just video that has music.  

Basically, “Bloom” is a remix of a ton of sounds, including voices, from Disney movies.  As a Disney aficionado, I was immediately attracted to the video by its collage made up of Jasmine, Wendy, Cinderella, and Alice.  However, the music is something that can speak for itself; there’s just something inherently Disney about the dreamy gentleness captured in the video, in addition to clips of Disney characters moving to the beat.  The music has a lot of human voices in it, but no words.  It’s something that really should be listened to; I don’t do a good job of expressing what it is and can never do it justice.

Though I usually have a very traditional music taste, sticking to mainly classical pieces, I am attracted to the novel concept that is introduced in this video.  The main focus is voice, but voice is not presented as vocals: voice is used as one would use an instrument.  I think that being original is applies to just about anything: if it’s original, it at least raises some eyebrows.  Sure people all write about the same thing, but find something new to bring to the stone soupotherwise, it’s just boiled rocks.  It’s the added ingredients, the spices, vegetables and meat that give stone soup its flavor, so find something to bring to the pot.

By the way, the genius who created this wonderful work of art was Pogo, an Australian musician.

1.  By stone soup, I mean the children’s story “Stone Soup”: please look it up if you’re not familiar with it because it’s a personal favorite of mine.


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