Kickin’ it Back Old School

TheFineBros is one of my favorite channels on YouTube and I especially love their “_____ React Videos”. They feature four main categories: YouTubers, Elders, Teenagers, Kids, and even Celebrities once. Basically, they put a group of people within each category’s age range (except for YouTubers) and show them a popular video or event that’s trending, film their reactions while watching to it, and ask them a few questions about their thoughts afterwards. I love the series for because it provides so much insight on how different people from different age groups think.

I recently watched the video titled Elders React To Elvis Presley and it made me just want to look up songs from before my own time because I never realized how much of an impact Elvis had and what I was missing by not at least listen to the songs.

I’m currently in love with soooo many of his songs but my top two favorite songs has to be I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and Love Me Tender.

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Love Me Tender

Both of these songs sound very soft and sincere. They’re all about love and sound so comforting to me. Whenever I listen to them, I’m imagining that it’s Christmas morning (after all, it is almost Christmas) and the whole family is sitting under the Christmas tree, unwrapping their presents. There’s excitement in the air and I think those two songs capture the love in the air perfectly, even though the songs are talking about a different type of love.

– Duchess


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