Writing the Wrong

Hey guys,

I hope you enjoyed that pun. 😛  Now, just a little update on my essays for this project:

We are currently working on definition essays, which are typically combinations of the modes of narration and description, backed by anecdotal evidence.  The point of definition essays is to define something, while throwing in something eye-opening or putting a different point of view on a certain object.  The first time around, I did not know this and wrote my essay as though it was more of a dictionary definition.  However, once I rewrote the entire thing, I began seeing useful anecdotes can serve to carry across a certain perspective and breathe life into description essays.  Alright-y, that is all I am going to say about the essay projects this time!

  Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.37.18 PMThis photo was taken by Flickr user Steve Voght.  I edited in the words!

In other aspects of my mind-musings, it was Thanksgiving a few days ago!  Now, the importance of Thanksgiving is to reflect back on life and appreciate all the things you have and/or have had or relationships you have had and formed with people.  But recently, with the torturous 11th grade work load, I have found the words of Hank and John Green seeping through my head (look up their videos on YouTube).  The basis of human nature is it takes humans one bad occurrence, whereas it takes at least two positive events of similar magnitude to register that one’s life has something good in it.  Thus, the message I want to send out is appreciate everything in life.  Even in times of failure, one should acknowledge that they were fortunate to get up to that point that led to failure.  For example, if one gets rejected to a certain college, he/she would be bummed and most likely angry.  However, the fact that the person even had a change to turn in an application to that college, or received education is definitely something worth celebrating.  Just some things I thought about over Thanksgiving.

Happy (late) thanksgiving and let the countdown to winter break begin!!!

Cheshire Cat


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