My World

My world is a slab of golden, honey-colored wood, quite wide when I first laid my eyes on it. It stands about three feet high from the ground and about an arm span across. Facing the stark white walls calloused from memories of previous owners, it seemed solemn when not in use. The once bare surface is now covered with textbooks and notebooks, from history to english to biology, stacked up about 13 inches high, meeting the wall with its brown paper-bagged cover.

To the left stands a lamp, slightly taller than the stack of books. The lamp is stainless steel, the scratched base turning away from the world into the white corner. It stands with the black cord wrapped around its goose neck, battered from five years since its unboxing and about ten different light bulbs. In front of the stainless steel lamp is its replacement, a $10 black plastic lamp from Walmart, also equipped with a goose neck, though this one not as flexible.

The yellow light shines down on a map of of the California Gold Rush Country on page 393 of the 13th edition of American Pageant. In the space between American Pageant and the stack of textbooks lies an opened pencil case, the smallest Tupperware container you’ll ever find, and half of it sticking out from under American Pageant is a 97¢ watercolor set. Near its mouth, the Tupperware is splattered by a cyan blue water of various shades. With the exception of a large A on the right side and the zipper linings, the case is a royal navy. Inside is a plethora of pens: red, blue, black, orange, green, and purple are all present.

On the other half lies an empty Fiji water bottle on its side, the label torn off sometime ago. There is also a black Ti-84 plus and a grey Casio fx-115ES PLUS, only out from its owner’s backpack for the weekend. Partially hidden by the calculators and Target-brand hole puncher is another stack of paper, some lined, some graph, some printer, but all layered over each other across the upper half of the matte wood. From a distance, the papers looked out of order, as most were scribbled upon or doodled with red ink. But on closer inspection, the papers carried the past three months of its owner’s life, some with parabolas filling the entire page while others had watercolor splatches of blue and grey stroking its dry-water-textured page.

Taking up only about 1/15 of the surface is the newest addition to the family, a twelve-inch tablet-computer. Officially welcomed to the family in mid-October, it quickly leaned its way towards being one of the most essential tool and most-used tool on the table. The white Sony earphones draped on the left side of the screen melt down over a wide drawer into the mess of black cables underneath. The spotted tan and light brown swivel chair is tucked neatly into the hole underneath the drawer, contrast to the messy surface above.

The real thing.
The real thing.

Welcome to my world.

– Duchess


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