Falling Down Wonderland into Diversity

Meow meow.

In my last post, I mentioned “writing a wrong” where I failed to write my definition essay correctly the first time around.  Soon after, I chose a slightly different spin on the topic and connected the experience with Alice experiencing Wonderland.  This brings me to my ultimate topic– different applications of one subject.  In the case of my essay.  I compared experiencing a new world and meeting new people to the journey of Alice through Wonderland (I’m doing my best to be descriptive, without giving away too much, so sorry if this sounds redundant).

3623644940_905e069135_oThis is the beautiful and amazing work of Elena Kalis.

Ironically, another group in my period used Alice in Wonderland for their innovation project tracking.  They call their website: Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole.  Their subject matter, polar opposite side of our “Coming Down the Rabbit Hole,” is murder.

The ambiguity of the Alice in Wonderland concept struck us all as a media for flexibility, individuality, and uniqueness.  So, may all your future adventures and experiences be like a Wonderland, different, insane, and unforgettable.



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