Holiday Heaviness

tragedyThis quote is by Oscar Wilde.  The picture is by Deviantart user Gothessa.  I edited in the words.  I picked this image and quote for this blog because: are the things we have in the 21st century like cars, televisions, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. really all good improvements to society?

So recently, I’ve been reflecting back on life.  Our generation in the 21st century has many blessings, like the internet, computers, smartphones, and all sorts of entertainment.  But wait… Are they really blessings?  Looking back on my life, I find much of it dominated by electronics, whether it be blogging, fandoms, research, learning, communication, school work, school research… woah, like every aspect of my life.  On the other hand, many of my teachers have and are complaining that children are spending too much time on social media and not spending enough time actually learning from textbooks.  After all, textbooks are mostly text.  The internet, well… has a ton of content that appeals visually.  Neurologically, humans register pictures, moving images, and sounds.  Just compare a “boring, dreadful, difficult” textbook with facebook.  Which would society find more interesting?

After that slightly long-winded monologue, I guess what I’m trying to say is, evaluate your life.  The time you spend online, waiting for things to load, stalking people, playing video games, or whatever you do online, and see if you can cut down and divert that time and effort to the people and things that will matter most in your life.  Stop chatting for hours online and meet up with friends and spend time with family in person, if you can.  Two of the biggest reasons, in my current reasoning, being: 1. It is preparation to face people in the “real world.” and 2. You won’t be so distracted while talking to that person.  One-on-one or even group discussions without electronics means that you care enough to divert a block of your own time to spend specifically with them.  Not twenty other chat pop-ups or tabs.  Technology in the 21st century is a blessing, it helps people connect, businesses run on different platforms, things to happen instantaneously, for teachers to correct papers with neat printed fonts, etc., but all this can also be a hindrance, blocking out the things that actually matter in life.

Happy 2015.



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