Thoughts on Sleeping, Dreaming, and Deja vu

Photo ©2013 by Beverley Goodwin [CC-by-2.0]
Photo ©2013 by Beverley Goodwin [CC-by-2.0]
I looooove sleeping. LOVE it. I’m sure many of us have been told as children to “Take a nap now, or you won’t be able to take naps when you’re older” or some variations of this, but I’ve never realized how true it was. Yesterday when I got home from school at about two in the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, doing my Spanish homework when I realized how cool sleep is. Napping is like your body goes into a mini-hibernation and leaves you feeling refreshed after such a short amount of time. When I was little, I never liked the idea of napping, mostly because I wasn’t used to it and because I just couldn’t stay still enough to fall asleep in the middle of the day. Now, I often find myself thinking about sleeping, not because whatever I’m doing at the time is boring, but just thinking about the science behind sleeping and napping. 

What’s even more interesting to me is dreaming. As magical as sleeping is, I’ve always thought that dreaming delves into another realm of dream. Why do I even dream? It’s like my brain is creating a source of entertainment for itself. But one thing I find annoying about dreams is that I NEVER remember 100% of my dreams. This morning, I woke up and I remembered that my dream vaguely consisted of my house, a fight between my siblings and I (who were all nonhumans in my dream, I think we might have been wasps), and something green. It’s like as soon as I wake up, I remember all (or most) of the “characters” in my dream but the plot is lost to me. Then, the annoyance of that dream would make me spend much of my time trying to remember it, but have you guys ever had the feeling that you’re so close to remember something but you could never reach that line? That’s me trying to remember most of my dreams. What’s weirder is that a few days later, I would be walking along, and then get that sudden feeling of deja vu, feeling that I’ve experienced this before in my dreams, even though I’ve probably never dreamt of it.

During the many times that I let my thoughts drift to sleeping, I’m always so amazed that the whole process behind it and everything involved with it.

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