Girl in Love

While I was sitting in class the other day, I was thinking about listening to a certain song that my teacher occasionally put on in class.  Thankfully, I saved myself the pain of having a song stuck in my head by remembering a couple of the lyrics, and found out the song was called “Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke.

The melody isn’t in the same key and the video is a little faster than the one my teacher played, but those are moot points.  It’s a charming, folksy, endearing tune, but it also got me thinking about something I did love.

Is it so cliche that my heart was stolen on Valentine’s Day?  It probably is, but this Cupid’s arrow was shot from left-field, that is to say, it caught me by surprise.  Saturday was the day of my Science Olympiad competition, and of course, I was nervous.  I hadn’t prepared nearly as much as I wanted to and spent most of the previous night cramming for the next day.  I arrived super late after waking up early and then getting lost, but I was the most unprepared for how Science Olympiad would affect me on that sunny Saturday.

I’ve always been obsessed with the Harry Potter series; the plot line is amazing.   However, the aspect of the books that is of the most interest to me is how magic works and the magical objects such as the Snitch, the wands, the Invisibility Cloak, the Mirror of Erised, George and Fred’s joke items, the Time Turner, the Sorting Hat, McGonagall’s chessboard; the list goes on.  Reading about how things work is just really fascinating and exciting to me.  With each new installment of the series, I would anticipate, along with a new update in Harry’s tale, a slice of the magical world to grace my Muggle existence.  In the third book, Hermione uses a Time Turner to get around to all of her classes on time, which sometimes took up the exact same time slots in each day, thus necessitating the use of a Time Turner.  The Invisibility Cloak, introduced in the first book, would conceal the wearer with a swift swish, even allowing the wearer to evade Death.

As I discovered on a deeper level on Saturday, science is kind of the same thing as magic. Science doesn’t make violets bloom out of a sanded branch of oak, but it works on roughly the premise.  There are rules to the game, but what you do with those rules is completely up to you; just as there are many fields of magic (divination, offensive/defense spells, transfiguration), there are many fields of science (biology, physics, chemistry).  All of the fields deal with separate topics, but at the same time, they aren’t meant to be apart.  Different fields come together to create and allow humans to seek truth and knowledge about our environment.  I left the Science Olympiad competition feeling empowered.  Taking a step back from my events, I was amazed by how much we have learned about what was around us and how we’ve tried to improve our world.  It was kind of like looking at the night sky in the countryside on a quiet evening; there was a calm wonder to the world that seemed to envelope me as I sat and thought.  Indeed, what a wonderful world this would be.  Especially if I knew more about it.

-March Hare


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