Mentalities– To Care Or Not To Care

Recently, there have been countless incidents where I find myself questioning why people act the way the do, in fact I wrote an essay on it (it will be published later, I’ll keep y’alls posted).  The case I’m going to focus on in this post is how women are treated.  Of course, I know there are women in this world who shouldn’t treat men the way they do.  But I’m a girl, so I’m going to talk about my personal experiences and point of view.  Now before I start, I’m definitely biased.  I’ve grown up with the mentality in the novels I read, the people I choose to surround myself with, and the people I look up to that women can be independent.  That they should be treated with the same respect as men should.  That successful societies and sustainable civilizations are run on women receiving education and working as equal counterparts to men, not being looked down upon as toys or inferior beings.  I also recognize that it may get irritating to some when people get overly sensitive and enthusiastic about a topic and feel it necessary to flaunt it about everywhere, so I’ll try to be wary.  Note: I am not some social specialist.  I am just a person with opinions.

One thing that gets my blood boiling is the societal mentality that men are allowed to “look cool” by acting like jerks towards women.  A few months ago, I was at school and walked near these two girls after a scuba trial class.  Because we were just in the water, neither of them had makeup on.  I was appalled when I heard them cry, “I never want to be seen without makeup ever again.  My face is so ugly without it.”  It honestly didn’t make sense to me why these women would bash their natural-born faces until two men walked up and started making fun of these women as if they had an entitlement to their bodies.  I didn’t stick around long to hear the full extent of their attacks, but I heard a slew of comments from the guys along the lines of, “Show us more skin, you’re already in a bathing suit” and “You should wear your bathing suit to school more often,” followed by rather inappropriate touching.  Despite the girls complaining, telling the guys to stop making fun of them, pushing them away (although with more playful motions than what I would have administered), and walking faster to get away, the males wouldn’t stop pestering them.

This mentality just doesn’t sit right with me, nor should it sit right with other women.  Exhibit 1:  Guys “tricked” into catcalling their mothers.  If mothers react to their children catcalling like that, why can’t other women who are prey to these reactions?  And yet, when a women walked through the streets of New York, she was catcalled 108 times.  (Albeit, this is propaganda by a nonprofit group, Hollaback!, catcalling is still a daily occurrence.)

Additionally, as a woman aspiring to work in the medical field, I have had so many parents tell me, don’t go to medical school and waste so much time, just marry a rich man.  Like, UGH.   Women in science should be something that’s encouraged, not discouraged.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 7.05.48 PM


Responses by Emma Watson and John Green to a relevant problem– guys fearing girls being educated for mixed reasons.

A brilliant poem by Emile Graslie, the host of The Brain Scoop on YouTube.  Go check out her channel!

Other recent incidents of society disparaging women’s independence and seeing them as basically toys include a woman being groped on a plane (the man totally belittled the magnitude of the situation and only worried about saving face) and men’s responses to confidence (again, I confess, some of the replies from the girl could have been less passive aggressive.  But still, the point of the article stands. Also check out the comments section, it’s quite enlightening what different people think.)

Another event, that could be overreaction on my part, but I will recount occurred today.  A twelve year old kid remarked while we watched Avengers that “Hm, the woman is holding the spear and the man is holding a bow.  It should be the other way around.”  I retaliated to his comment and asked why he thought that way.  To this he replied, “because spears are more manly and girls should be away from the action, so she should have the bow.”  WHAT?!  Was this child is insinuating that women can’t handle themselves in action?  Or that men should get the “manlier,” more “direct weapons?  Again, I may just be overreacting because of pent up pressure and stress for school or maybe I should’ve explained to him more how women shouldn’t be condescended and secluded from roles in society.  Leave a response in the Dooblydoo (if anyone reads this).  I’m interested in knowing what others think.



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