The Six Kinds of Procrastinators

Photo ©2010 by Asja Boroš
Photo ©2010 by Asja Boroš [CC-by-2.0]
I’m one of the millions of victims of procrastination. In fact, I’ve been suffering from this dreaded disease for about several years now. Procrastination can be seen as a good thing, you know, for those who work best under stress, but for others, it’s a constant constant constant feeling of shame, guilty, and… boredom. I wish I can just not procrastinate with the snap of my fingers but I have to admit, procrastinating when there’s still time left can be rewarding. I know I sound super crazy right now but hear me out. I think there are different kinds of procrastination, some of them may actually be good.

1. The Overstressed

This is the type of person who “starts” on his/her assignment wayyyyyy ahead of time (think more than two weeks) but procrastinates until the day, no the hour, before it’s due. The overstressed can be found sitting idly at their computer day after day, with their Google Docs opened, but has only written three lines of text.

2. The Smart Procrastinator

These people can be very productive procrastinators. They may leave their assignments to the last minute but still spend their time doing things that actually need to be done, just not the assignment itself. The smart procrastinator may do the dishes, get the mail, pay taxes, visit their parents, or even write a song in order to get out of doing their assignment. However, they may not know it but these are the most role-model worthy of them all.

3. The Lazy (Lucky?) Potato

This is probably the most common type of procrastinator and I admit it, I’m a lazy potato. These people know there’s a deadline coming up, they know they still have to write ten more pages of that essay and finish their art project and study for their history test tomorrow, but they just can’t bring themselves to open the textbook. Fortunately for them they also somehow manage to finish everything and ace that test.

4. The Cursed One

This is the counterpart of the Lucky Potato, who, unfortunately, never gets anything done on time. They may have periods of fluctuating throughout their procrastination where they work for two hours straight and then procrastinate for three. Despite their hard work, the cursed ones never turn in anything on time.

5. The Student

No no, anyone can be a procrastinator, but it takes a special kind of curiosity and passion to be the Student. The Student is closely related to the Smart Procrastinator, but instead of spending their procrastination on cleaning, “working”, the Student suddenly finds a desire to learn something. He will then jump on the web and learn away… for the next two hours.

6. The Chill Pill

The Chill Pill is the chillest of them all, never worrying about his assignment because he knows for a fact that no matter how much he procrastinates, he will always (did I mention always?) finish on time. The Chill Pill is the subject of envy among procrastinators of all ages because, let’s face it, he always finishes his work.

Those are the six kinds of procrastinators but some may find that you are a combination of many different types of procrastinators, but just be sure to finish your work :).

– Duchess


4 thoughts on “The Six Kinds of Procrastinators

  1. I didn’t know that procrastinators could be categorised into so many sub groups! I would think that the occasional procrastinating is actually good for us because we shouldn’t be forced to rush every assignment out. At the same time, we shouldn’t leave everything until the last minute. I’m probably the student, haha

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  2. Being that I was up until 4 am last night working on a 4-page report that is due in a few hours, this was a really coincidental find. I’m a mix between lazy/lucky and smart; I work best in the early morning hours before the day it’s due- otherwise I twiddle my thumbs for hours at a blank page.

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