Warmth. Fight. Live.

SnowI only mashed together the black/white and color versions of a picture taken by Flickr user, Ferran Jordà.

For those who can read and listen to lyrics at the same time, play this at the same time:

All rights to go the artist Kelly Clarkson and the songwriters.

The snow stings, pelting our skin like shards of fire.  We feel pain.  Gabe.  Gabriel.  Don’t give up, we’re so close.  I don’t know if you can see in color or hear yet, but let me tell you the things that are out here are mesmerizing.  You would enjoy it.  The family I left behind would come to like it.  The Giver would cry– all those memories passed down to him would finally become a tangible reality.  Bona fide experiences he could call his own memories.  It’s cold.  But we push on.  Gabriel, I hope you can see what I can see.  The epitome of hope for our existence– spots of color about a hundred feet away.  Those bright, luminescent flickers of heat are called fires.  People gather around that place, telling stories, laughing, enjoying each other’s company.  A picture of perfect serenity– the place we’re going.  A place where we can finally experience love.  A concept that is unknown to our previous society.   But until we reach the fires, my body heat would have to sustain you.  I am sorry, so so sorry.  Please hang on, live for me Gabriel after all we have been through.  There is just too much to lose.  I’ll keep hoping.  Right now, the most I can do is hope and fight on.  We’ve lived in a bubble of society, but now it’s time to face the music, a phrase that comes from a maxim of the past– life.  I can’t feel my hands.  But we’re so close.

Red.  Orange.  Yellow.  Gabe, those are colors, the colors that make up a fire.  The colors that melt away the white wonderland and provide an oasis to the winter nightmare.  So, so close.  Feeling so, so weak.

White.  How stereotypical. In the little time I spent with him, The Giver has given me several memories of people who believe they see white as they pass onto the next life.  I’ll tell you what Gabriel, treasure your life, hang onto it tightly for another thirty minutes.   Fight, go.  Please.  Please…  We won’t be seeing white as we die.  I refuse to give in.  You shouldn’t either because one of these days I’ll take you to a real escape.  We’ll see all kinds of things together: fierce orange and black tigers, astounding rainbows composed of seven colors, a true oasis with blue and green-tinted waters, anything you want.   Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.  Snow and hail, Gabriel are you still there?

Red.  I can see it.  Houses, chimneys, smoke, a home.  If the memories from generations past still hold true, we’re near the people who know love.  Gabe, we are near our home.  My final destination.  

A/N: Sorry that this post was late!  My laptop’s motherboard or logic board (I’m not quite sure yet) decided to die on me… I went from getting a white screen, to a screen that got stuck processing “error 19,” to a black screen, to the dreaded “blue screen of death.”  So whenever I can, I have to borrow one of my parents’ computers when they’re not overwhelmed by work!

And yes, I did just leave the ending totally ambiguous.  Ah the pains of ambiguity.   I meant for this to be a satire on Lois Lowry’s ending, but it turned out to be more of an internal monologue in the final scenes of The Giver.

Also, I meant to post about a different topic slightly more related to my most recent essay, but March Hare’s beautiful post (go read it… seriously) convinced me otherwise.  Hare’s post also reminded me of Iroh’s heartbreaking song.


All rights to the snipet above from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” belongs to Bryan Konietzo and Michael DeMartino.


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