We’re All in This Together

A long time ago, my friends and I announced our purpose in creating this blog: to share our writing and eventually write a book together.  Well finally, that day has come.


  In the beginning, we were kind of lost.  We couldn’t read signs and we walked with the caution of a newborn fawn.  Writing wonderland was a great unknown.  However, throughout the year, as we slowly got more comfortable with our surroundings, writing became much easier.  As for myself, I don’t think so much when I write anymore; that sounds really bad, but what I mean is that I don’t overthink my posts anymore.  Overthinking used to lead to not posting at all, which is a lot worse once I got into a rut of just not posting.  Today, we post regularly and on a variety of topics: sometimes those topics are hot and trending, and other times they are more obscure and quiet.

Now that we have become familiar with our surroundings, it is time to turn our journey to our next destination.  Together, we are compiling our essays and blog posts to make a book.  This sounds pretty daunting, but I’m sure that this will be a bit easier with my friends working alongside me.  There’s still so much to do–editing, choosing essays, making a book layout, making a cover–but if we can’t start, then when will we?  To quote a very wise group of high school students, “We’re all in this together. . . We make each other strong.  We’re different in a good way, together’s where we belong.”


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