Some Sort of Storyline

I think we’ve all been taught to believe that our life is a collection of moments, and with each passing milestone, we get to put a little check next to our imaginary list and continue on the path waiting for the next big thing.  I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s how they made the board game.  But what happens in between those big, defining moments?  Lots of stuff.  You have a conversation with a friend, make your mom her favorite meal, pet a couple dogs.  Really cool things.  But somehow we don’t put as much value in these little moments as we do the more obvious things, like our high school graduation or our eighteenth birthday or our first Christmas away from home.  And it’s just weird because those “big days”, in the big picture, are such a small portion of the life we live.  Our lives aren’t really like the TV shows where something new and exciting happens every episode and we get to look forward to the season finale.  It’s more like that book that’s kinda hard to read because the author has spent way too much time describing what the protagonist does in her free time even though it has nothing to do with furthering the plot.  But while we’re certainly the protagonists of our own stories, I don’t think we’re living in our own novels.  If anything, we’re probably living in those journal pages that you see on Tumblr with the messy scribbles and the random poetry with the occasional breathtaking illustration.  Wild and unpredictable and just an overall mess.  I’m sure we’d all like to believe we all have some sort of storyline in mind, but in the end, we might just be hoping for a good plot twist.

One structure I’ve found interesting is these things called intercalary chapters.  They’re chapters that drift away from the main story, but somehow manage to find a way to relate back.  And I think the time between our milestones are a little bit like that.  They might not seem super important to our story now, but they really do matter.  Because the story wouldn’t be the same without them.

~Mad Hatter


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