Progress Report

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After months and months of deciding what was going to go into the book, we are finally in the stages of laying out the pages and ordering the physical copies.  It’s pretty exciting, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.  I spent a couple class periods figuring out how we were gonna group our essays together, and now we have to choose what illustrations we want to add, what fonts we want to use, and what we want our back cover to say.  Plus, I haven’t titled, um, any of my essays, so I think I should probably get on that.

The site we’re using to make our books is and it has a ton of different options for making books, most of which are pretty affordable.  But one thing that’s a little difficult is the program they require you to use to layout your book.  It’s called Bookwright, and it’s kinda tiresome to have to transfer all your text from a different source (don’t even get me started on having to convert all the Word documents to Google docs), and you have to format the margins and everything yourself, instead of the borders being pre-laid out.  And if you make one mistake, it’s such a pain to have to go back and reformat everything.

Besides all the stuff I just mentioned, we still have to double check all the essays we’ve inputted, finish laying everything out and make sure it’s the right number of pages, format our back and front cover, insert all the illustrations and give credit where needed, write a dedication page, and fundraise to buy and distribute the books.  Sorry, this post kinda just turned into a list of complaints, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.  We had our own poetry books made in sixth grade and I still remember how amazed I was to be holding the copy in my hands and open it to find the words I had written myself.  I can’t wait to feel that again.

~Mad Hatter


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