Limbo In Spring Break


With exams and projects crammed into the Friday before Spring Break, I think many of my peers are glad that Spring Break is finally upon us (I know I am). Just a few days ago, I kept thinking to myself as I was studying for a History quiz that once Spring Break starts, all I would do is eat, sleep, and watch movies (rinse and repeat). However, now that I’m finally in Spring Break mode, I feel like I’m stuck in a sort of limbo. It’s like before Spring Break, all I could think about was how the grass would be so much greener on the other but now that I’m on the other side, it’s just “what now?”. I feel giddy but there’s a worry within me that there’s a whole day that I’ve wasted just lying in bed when I could be hanging out with friends or watch the movies I had put off last week to study. Two days of Spring Break are gone and we’re stepping into another day so there’s only five days left. Every time I look at my calendar, I feel overwhelmed of the amount of tests I have to study for, homework I have to do, etc. Last year in my English class, we had to do a presentation about ourselves because we were reading All Quiet on the Western Front and I remember one classmate of mine said his favorite quote was something along the lines of “the time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time”. That applies to me now more than ever as I feel the clock ticking away the last seconds of my Spring Break.

One part of me says I should just enjoy my time off, even if it’s just lying in bed all day or hanging out with my friends. But another part of me nags on me about all the work I could do to be ahead so that when school starts again I won’t feel as stressed. This just results in me having my book opened and a Google Doc laid out but then skipping to movies instead. Another one of my friend had sent me a schedule she drew up for herself to studying for the AP Biology exam, AP English exam, SAT, and ACT coming up and I can’t help but admire her for staying so dedicated and resisting the urge to have a break. I contemplated about whether I should draw up a schedule for myself as well seeing as I really needed to prepare for my own exams coming up but I guess right now, I’m just going to have a break from school.

No more thinking about exams or homework until Thursday. After that, I can worry all I want. Life shouldn’t be all about work, right?

– Duchess.

P.S. Check out more of Ian Sane’s work here.


One thought on “Limbo In Spring Break

  1. I love the use of “rinse and repeat”– it’s one of my favorite phrases! Also, you put into words, thoughts I was thinking, but didn’t really pay attention to: our time is limited, how much time can we play and how much time do we need to study? Ah, the constant juggle!


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