Spring Break: Plans and Possible Reality

So that joyous time of year has finally come around again: spring break!  The light at the end of the tunnel (there were no days off at all in March; I shudder at the the thought).  However, with great happiness comes great sadness.  As many of my teachers have so graciously reminded me, Advanced Placement (AP) testing is coming up soon, so I’ll have to get ready for the tests I’m planning to take this year.  

I have no regrets about the classes I am taking; they are all wonderful classes with wonderful teachers and wonderful classmates, but AP tests are, sadly, not so wonderful.  AP testing means a lot of studying to do from now until May, and since spring break is the only long break we’ll have until summer arrives, it is the prime time to be studying.

So what time does that leave for fun?  Obviously not all of my time will be scheduled for AP testing, that’d be ridiculous and depressing.  There are also the multiple assignments I have to do for school in addition to study for APs.  Just kidding, that’d be a grim life if I actually looked forward to doing schoolwork (though arguably, some of it is more enjoyable than others).

My Plans for Spring Break

  • Study for AP testing – This week will be the most grueling week in terms of preparing, or at least, it should be.  I plan to get most of my reviewing done during spring break so for the rest of April I can just review and concentrate on other things, like. . .
  • Do school assignments – It’s pretty scary watching these pile up and doing nothing about them, so I’ll probably have to tackle them sooner or later.
  • Study for upcoming tests – I lucked out and didn’t have any tests the day before spring break, but that means I have a bunch to take the week I come back (including a Calculus final. . . urk).  If I study during spring break, that’ll be less cramming, less coffee and more sleep for future Hare.

What Will Probably Happen During Spring Break

  • Let assignments pile up and do them last minute – Does this really even need an explanation?
  • Lots of sleep – Ditto.
  • Fun – It’s time to combat the gaming withdrawal I’ve had since winter break!

Hopefully the list of things that will probably happen during spring break don’t happen (except for the fun part; fun is essential), but let’s see how things turn out.

-March Hare


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