Scary Temptations

Photo ©2014 by Laurence Simon [C.C-by-2.0]
Photo ©2014 by Laurence Simon [C.C-by-2.0]
I looooovvveee scary things. Whenever it’s my turn to choose a movie to watch with my friends, almost always, I opt for the scary ones. Even for books, my favorite genre is horror. But… I’m a scaredy-cat. A HUGE scaredy-cat. During scary movies (even the ones I chose too!) I cover my eyes during the scary part. It happened so often that it’s almost a habit to do it. I’ve gotten slightly better at watching the whole movie (I watched You’re Next the whole way!!) but sometimes it just happens. I used to get super scared after watching scary movies but now, scary movies don’t really leave that much of an impact on me anymore. For example, after watching The Grudge about a year or two ago, I couldn’t sleep for a whole week and would listen to my iPod with the volume raised louder than I would normally choose until I fall asleep. A few weeks ago, I watched The Grudge 2 with my friends, walked home around the time it got dark, and slept like a koala that night. In fact, I actually watched the entire thing and even looked into the ghost’s eyes when I appeared on screen!

It seems like movies don’t make much of an impact on my memory (and imagination) anymore because books have taken that place. I’ve been on the lookout for horror books that focus more on the supernatural rather than murder-horror books and I found several Vietnamese translations of Chinese books that were exactly my type of horror books. One features a cursed red piece of fabric that draws popularity to the wearer until he/she is killed by the ghost of the fabric. Another tells the story of what seemed like a suicide on a college campus but turned out to be the ghost of students involved in suspicious activities against the government about 25-50 years before the events in the book took place.

After reading those books, even though I knew they were obviously works of fiction, I couldn’t stand to be alone anywhere. When I took out the trash, I would again listen to my iPod on a high volume to drown out the scary scenarios in my head. My mind kept conjuring images of ghosts about to jump out at me and I would then try to sing along to the song to distract my mind. This phase would last for about two or three days until I get over the book and start a new one. Even though I know how scared I’ll get, how hard it’ll take me to go sleep, I still wanted to read those books and watch those movies. I’m actually planning to read House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski soon!

– Duchess.

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