Motivation, Where are You?

Photo ©2010 by Andrew Blight [C.C.-by-2.0]
Photo ©2010 by Andrew Blight [C.C.-by-2.0]
It’s funny when I think back to the places and time where most of my writing or more memorable thoughts appear. Almost always, I get the greatest ideas when I’m walking to school, doing the dishes, or in the shower. The ideas never come to me when I’m doing anything else. I would say that it’s just exclusive to those three activities. Some of my friends tell me that they often feel super motivated to change their life, to study more, live more right when they’re all tucked in and ready to sleep. I experience it to but for some reason, it also occurs when I’m walking home. During my last class, I’ll be super motivated and tell myself I’ll do my homework right when I get home and I’ll try to finish most of it so that I’ll still have time to lounge around and sleep early. Theoretically, it should work right? Considering that I only have about 30-40 math problems (1.5 hours), a science project that I finish slowly (20 min), a Spanish worksheet (10 min), and a few chapters of my English book (20 min), I could finish all the easy homework (ones that take less than 30 minutes to finish so everything except math) in about an hour and take a little nap because after I get home from school, I still have about 9-10 hours before midnight. Bbbbuuuuuutttttt wait a second, in theory it works but we all know how that turns out in real life. 

I don’t know how I could lose my motivation so fast because when I was walking home, I had this grand plan of how long it’ll take me to finish everything. In my head, even if I take half an hour on each “easy” homework, I could still finish everything in about 3-4 hours but then the minute I step foot into my house, all those thoughts vanish and I think “maybe I should take a nap first” instead. I would then wake up 3 hours later and my motivation was still no where to be seen. This leads to an endless cycle of me procrastinating -> finally starting my homework at midnight -> tired the next day -> getting realllllyyy motivated on the walk home -> lose motivation.

Honestly, I don’t know where that motivation could go that I could lose it so fast. The moment I open the door, napping seems like a priority and trumps any thought that I should do my homework early. Every August when school comes, I’ll be excited and promise myself that I’ll sleep better and work harder, but we all know how that usually ends…

– Duchess

P.S. Check out more of Andew Blight’s work here!


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