Meet the Authors

Once upon a time, a group friends banded together to write a book for their English class. Intrigued by the curious things that lie in Wonderland, they went one by one, tumbling down the rabbit hole. . .

The first task the friends were confronted with was to pick their strengths. The Queen of Hearts as the ruler of a kingdom, found organization, symbolized by blue, to be her best asset. The clever Cheshire Cat chose white: technology was her forte. The mad March Hare always welcomed the new guests to the never-ending tea party, so she chose black, the color of rampant socializing.  Together, we became the White Hare & Co. Publishing.  So come down the rabbit hole with us and let’s embark on a new journey into the vast unknowns!

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Our header picture is the marvelous work of DeviantArt user Megane Rid.


Meet the Authors

Duchess – Royal Artist
Cheshire Cat – Tech Team
Queen of Hearts – Organization Station
March Hare – Social Butterfly
Mad Hatter – Chief Supervisor


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